Tony’s Ride for Joy

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Tony's Ride for Joy

Riding in Italy to raise money for Camp Dynamo, a therapeutic recreation camp for sick children.

This year I’m dedicating my summer vacation to helping Camp Dynamo create an awesome therapeutic environment for chronically sick children. I’m blessed that I’m able to do something I love – riding my bike in Italy – and help others at the same time. If you’d like to help, please donate.

Every penny counts.

Thanks Tony


  • 50,00€ Pierre Christodoulou
    Awesome cause Tony, very well done.
  • 50,00€ Euan Stronach
    Fantastic cause. Well done :)
  • 20,00€ Thea & Kevin Church
    Happy Birthday Tony!!!
  • 50,00€ Hazel Paterson-ly
    Good luck!!
  • 30,00€ Anonimo
    Go Toe knee. Have a great ride for a great cause
  • Anonimo
  • 30,00€ Mike Hann
    Ride safely and complexity free😊😊
  • 180,00€ Sandrine Atkins
    From the Train with Tony event in Stevenage - well done everyone
  • 100,00€ Rachel Haddock
  • 20,00€ Yuka Osako
    Good luck, everyone!
  • 500,00€ Anonimo
    Have a good ride, wear a helmet, and don't fall off your bike!
  • 109,00€ Anonimo
    My donation is for Sacha Phillips Ride With Tony at Stevenage UK
  • Anonimo
  • David Arkless
    Have a smashing ride mate
  • 20,00€ Peter Emery-Billcliff
    Good luck Tony and everyone!
  • 28,00€ Toma Chitu
    good luck, good weather and tailwind!


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