Nicks Italian Cycle Adventure

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Nicks Italian Cycle Adventure

My cycling challenge from Sienna to Verona in 5 days!

In September I will be cycling from Sienna to Verona with a bunch of colleagues to raise money for a this special needs holiday camp – because everyone deserves the chance for adventure right?

I may have done a fair bit of cycling before – but nothing on this scale – 500km over 5 days over terrain somewhat more challenging than a fenland railway bridge. So please support this venture if you can – either emotionally, or even better financially!

All donations to the charity will be doubled by my employer. (To be clear – all donations go to the charity not to funding the event!)

Thanks in advance for your support!!


  • Nick Barton
    Donation from Jackie and Julian
  • 20,00€ Simon Grimshaw
    In bocca al lupo!
  • 210,00€ Nick Barton
    Donations made in person
  • 50,00€ Kenneth Down
    Keep the British end up!
  • 10,00€ Richard Knight
    Best of luck Nick, it was a real pleasure treating you today.
  • 30,00€ Mike Hann
    Enjoy the scenery as well as the pedalling. Stay safe as we need you all back in one piece🍾😊
  • 25,00€ Vicki Doughty
  • 40,00€ Sarah Kensit
  • 25,00€ Claire nicholl
    Nick, tanti auguri!
  • 110,00€ Nick Barton
    contributions from #TWT spinning class
  • 30,00€ Simon Peace
    Best of British old fruit.
  • 30,00€ Giovanni Vitulli
    Siena and Verona... not sure which one I love most! Have fun :-)
  • 40,00€ Malcolm Begg
    Best of luck Nick! Smash it!
  • 5,00€ Ceara Rea
  • 580,00€ Sandrine Atkins
    From the Train with Tony event in Stevenage - well done everyone
  • 20,00€ Nicole Goodwin
    Good luck, Nick!!
  • Mark Hessey
    Best of luck Nick - great cause
  • 20,00€ Emma Koppe
    You can do this Nick - enjoy the hills!
  • 20,00€ Alli Brooke
    Good luck Nick! Enjoy the ride (and red wine:))
  • 30,00€ Ruud De Wildt
    Best of luck Nick. Really enjoyed the Tour of Stevenage.
  • 25,00€ Jane Johannessen
  • 20,00€ David Michalovich
    Really enjoyed the Tour de Stevenage. Best of luck!
  • 50,00€ Steve Martin
    Bonne route Nick - hope you have time to stop at a few vineyards along the way
  • 25,00€ Caroline Gronvold
  • Benjamin Bellenie
    Good luck Nick! I hope you have a comfortable saddle...
  • 25,00€ Jessica van Heest
    TFK2017 support system activated :) Go Nick!
  • 45,00€ Anonimo


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  • Nick Barton


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