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Institut auf dem Rosenberg fur Dynamo Camp

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is an international boarding school, founded in 1889, in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is an international boarding school, founded in 1889, in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
At the heart of school’s philosophy stands the focus on individual education for boys and girls, enriched by life-learning experiences that enable students to acquire the necessary skills to master all aspects of their future business and personal lives.

Notwithstanding the importance of academic learning, the school attaches great importance to teaching abilities beyond the classroom and textbooks, such as independent thinking, self-discipline and emotional intelligence. With an average class size of eight students per class and a staff to student ratio of 1:2, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg is in a unique position to provide ongoing innovation in education while preserving its long tradition.

Rosenberg students have the opportunity to choose from an unmatched offering of extra-curricular courses. The variety of experiences, activities and events give Rosenberg students a chance to challenge and enjoy themselves while learning about the world around them and their place within it, including social awareness.

On Saturday the 22nd of April 2017, the students of the Volunteering & Charity co-curricular course are organizing a FunRun “From Rosenberg to Rome and Back” to support the Dynamo organization in Italy. This is the first of several events to be held from Spring 2017 to Autumn 2017. The aim with the FunRun and other sports activities, is to accumulate 1800 “running-kilometers” or “played-kilometers”, the same distance as from the city St. Gallen to Rome and back. Through generous donations to support this “Serious Fun” challenges, the students have set their goal to collect 22, 500 Euros and enable the participation of 15 more children in the Dynamo Summer Camp by the Summer of 2018.

Collaborating in these community events, is the charity and volunteering group PIECES from University of St. Gallen (HSG), one of Switzerland’s leading business schools.

PIECES is a student driven organisation with the aim of improving the education of children in developing countries. By teaching English to these highly motivated and enthusiastic kids, we offer them a path to a better future with more opportunities. This is only possible with the help of our volunteers who travel to the country and work directly with the kids to improve their English skills, offering cultural exchange and supporting them to become capable leaders in their societies. It is important to us that we foster growth in children, but also in our volunteers.

Should you wish to support this charity event and make a difference in the lives of 15 children, you may do so by clicking on the “Dona ora” button on this page.


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