Help GSK support Dynamo Camp in Italy!

Cover Help GSK support Dynamo Camp in Italy!
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Help GSK support Dynamo Camp in Italy!

We're cycling 300 miles in 5 days to support Dynamo Camp - thanks for your support!

Myself and 40 other cyclists are cycling between all GSK sites in Italy in September 2019, to raise funds for Dynamo Camp, a great charity GSK has been associated with in Italy for a number of years, helping disadvantaged kids in the country. Help us to raise as much as we can and keep us going! Thank you.


  • Briony Clarke
    Good one Tim, great cause. Enjoy!
  • Clare Griffin
    Good luck Tim!
  • Mary Hinks-Edwards
    Best of luck Tim!
  • Alex Delaney
    Good luck Tim!
  • Christina Andreeva
    Forza Tim!
  • Andy McGuffie
    Good Luck Tim!
  • Simon Steel
  • Elena Dogani
    Best of luck Tim and make sure you enjoy some italian food too!
  • Sandrine Atkins
    From the Train with Tony event in Stevenage - well done everyone
  • Anonimo
    in bocca al lupo
  • Simon Moore
  • Laura Brewerton
    Best of luck Tim! Sure you'll smash it... even with jet lag! :)
  • Joey Chua
    All the best Tim!
  • Dan Smith
  • Imants Auzins
    Go Tim!


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  • Tim Foley


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