A bike ride of 500 Kms for Kid’s Joy

Cover A bike ride of 500 Kms for Kid's Joy
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A bike ride of 500 Kms for Kid's Joy

Together with 50 GSK colleagues, we will ride 500 Kms throughout Tuscany in 5 days in September with the objective to raise funds to support "Dynamo Camp" in their mission of helping sick kids to get vacation in a nice and suitable place for them and their relatives.

Dynamo Camp (Italy) is expanding in order to be able to host more kids with special needs during their vacation and they need our support to finish their project. In order to help them, I will ride 500 kms by bike through Tuscany with a visit to Dynamo Camp in the middle of the journey to raise funds that will be used to buy bed linens, lamps, bed structures etc… I decided to challenge myself with this project as I wanted to do something for less fortunate families that have very little options for their vacations with their kids with special needs. So, for every kilometer I will ride, I’d like to raise 2 euros for Dynamo Camp. That would mean that after 13 kilometers, I will know a new bed linnen will be available for kids at Dynamo Camp, after 100 I will be proud as my effort would have allowed Dynamo Camp to have an extra bed structure, and after 500 Kms, I will be exhausted but so happy that more kids in need will have a place to go to for their next vacations. Thank you for supporting my effort and for helping those kids in need.


  • Six Philippe
    Bravo JC ! Phil S
  • Rodrigo Mira
    From Victoria and Rodrigo
  • MAY Jean-Pierre
    Great initiative son. Wish you a very successful ride.
  • Stéphan de Theux
    Allez JC
  • stijn calcoen
  • Anonimo
    Come on JC! Belle initiative! Généreux dans l'effort ;) seb
  • May Gaelle
  • Soussan Stéphane
    Bravo JC, t’es le meilleur
  • Victor May
    Go Dad!! ♥️
  • John Musunga
    Great work
  • Anonimo
    Bravo pour ce généreux challenge
  • Adriana Tramullas
    Bonne chance JC!!!!!!
  • Alexandre May
  • de Hennin Eric
  • Max Di Domenico
    Forza Dynamo Camp!!!!
  • may gaetan
    Good Luck tonton! Super initiative!
  • Peraux Bénedicte
    Bravo JC...and good luck for this beautiful challenge!
  • Mimma Pernetti
    Good luck JC ! this is a great initiative and although I am not able to ride for so long... I will be in Verona to welcome the riders !
  • May Capucine
    So proud of you dad!
  • Terreur Valerie
    Very nice initiative! Go go go!!!
  • Anonimo
  • Dardenne Nicolas
    Bravo JC, je suis de tout coeur avec toi :-) Courage pour ce périple !
  • Rade Florence
    Courage JC!!! you are the best!!!
  • Stephanie Dickinson
    Best wishes for a great ride
  • Boyens Philippe
    Bravo pour cette initiative et courage dans ce beau défi sportif et humain !
  • Philippe Hauptman
    Félicitations pour votre projet
  • ROUANET Christian
    Bravo pour cette initiative et bon courage !
  • Couchard Olivier
    Magnifique challenge!!! Voici de quoi passer le cap des 20% de l'objectif!
  • DE NYS Aude
  • Anar Andani
    When I was working in London I was a supporter of keeping this programme going. Great to see it expanding. Good luck with the cycling and most of all, enjoy.
  • Hoet Bernard
  • IOVINE Frédéric


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  • MAY Jean-Christophe


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