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    Emotional support dog – basic requirements and training

    Many people suffer from various different mental health disorders but they are afraid to take professional help due to the stigma associated with it. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of an individual’s mental health because it has a huge impact on the routine life of a person. People often ignore the symptoms of depression or anxiety, which later leads to chronic depression and generalised anxiety disorders (GAD) that can create many problems in their life. Depression and anxiety are the most common disorders that every third person suffers from. People need to pay attention to their emotional and mental health as much as they care about their physical health. 
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    It is never too late to seek professional help and get treatment for your illness. You can always choose an emotionally and mentally healthy life for yourself. You can visit a professional therapist to start taking appropriate therapy for you. One of the most popular yet effective therapy for depression and anxiety is esa therapy. Many therapists recommend esa therapy to their patients and it helps them heal from their mental disorders.

    What is esa certificate? 

    Esa certificate is a professional document that your licensed therapist prescribes to the patient after diagnosing mental health disability. It is important for an individual to qualify for the test that is taken to identify if the person requires ESA Letter or not. If you want to keep an esa pet, it is mandatory for you to visit your therapist and take the test to determine if you are eligible to for esa therapy or not. Not every individual suffering from mental issues is eligible for esa, this therapy is not effective for everyone. Your therapist recommends you to keep an esa pet after analyzing your mental and emotional state. 
    Esa certificate is an official document that cannot be bought without consulting a professional therapist. I know you must be curious to know how to get esa letter and how it looks like. The letter contains the name of the patient, information of mental disability, name of the therapist, name of esa, its breed and the signatures of the therapist. 
    If you have proper documentation of your esa then you don’t have to worry about being discriminated for being mentally ill. You are allowed to keep your esa in your house by submitting realesaletter to your landlord. They will permit you because your rights are being protected by the US Federal Fair Housing Act. Not only this but you can also keep your pet in parks and restaurants to accompany you. You no longer have to feel lonely and sad. Your esa can accompany you anywhere you go. 
    Anyone who owns a dog knows that dogs tend to provide a sense of emotional and mental stability through their presence. 
    However, considering the emotional and mental benefits dogs can provide through their loving and caring nature, therapists have started prescribing esa as part of their practice. 
    Requirements for training for esa 
    There are no specific requirements for training for esa. An animal does not have to go through any particular process or training to become an esa. An emotional support dog is a person’s pet that lives with the mentally ill person and provides them affection and comfort. There are a few tricks and techniques that can be taught to esa to make their owners happy. However, emotional support animals are a lot different than psychiatric service animals. Psychiatric service animals require particular training. These are only assigned to people who have an extremely mental disability and cannot perform day-to-day tasks. Psychiatric service animals are not assigned to everyone, they require proper training to learn how to help their owners perform particular tasks. These are helpful to divert the attention of their owners and stop them from indulging in dangerous situations such as wandering onto a busy road etc. 
    However, esa is not supposed to perform particular tasks for their owners. They provide you a loving and positive company to enhance your mood and make you happy. They help you reduce your anxiety levels and boost your mood.

    Process to get a esa dog 
    The process of getting an esa dog is extremely easy and simple. You don’t have to go out or visit your therapist physically. You just have to search for authentic websites online that help you connect you with a licensed mental health professional. You have to fill out a registration and add details about your symptoms and mental state. They will process your request and match the most suitable therapist according to your symptoms. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an official email from your therapist. You are allowed to change your therapist if you don’t feel comfortable due to any reason. 
    Once you are comfortable with your therapist, they will diagnose your mental disability by taking detailed information regarding your emotional and mental state. If you fulfil the criteria of esa therapy, then they will prescribe you esa therapy. You will receive an official email that will contain the prescription and the other detail regarding your therapy and mental health issues. Your therapist will write you an official signature esa certificate to allow you to keep an real esa letter
    It is important to take care of your animal, take them for a walk and ensure regular visits to the vet. 
    If you think you need an esa to cure your mental disability, don’t waste a minute and get yourself an esa by contacting your therapist. 

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