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    Are ESA letters easy to get? 
    Mental and emotional well-being is an important part of everyone’s life. Millions of people suffer from mental health disorders. We know how exhausting it gets when you have to act normal, get your daily routine tasks done while being mentally and emotionally unwell. When you are physically unwell you are unable to carry the tasks of routine. Similarly, mental health also have the same effects on your daily life. You find it difficult to even meet your friends and family, do your job etc. 
    If you are struggling with mental health issues and looking around for help. You have landed to the right place. We totally understand how important it is to take care of your mental health. People who have mental disorders go through hard time even completing normal tasks such as gathering courage to ask a favor from someone, going out, taking a shower, doing dishes, completing their tasks at office, meet friends and family members and many more. You need not to worry if you have some mental disability because just like physical illness, therapist do have cure for the mental illness as well. You should seek professional help. There are several therapies that are effective for different mental disorders. Emotional support therapy is one of the most commonly recommended therapy by therapists due to its effectiveness. 
    People who have pets cherish the therapeutic effects of having them already. Esa therapy helps people feel relaxed and calm.
     Animals provide unconditional love and emotional support to humans that improves their mental condition. There are several mental health benefits of being with an emotional support animals such as it improves your mood, it provides a great company, provides you emotional comfort, releases stress, reduces depression, produces neurotransmitters, calms your anxiety attacks and many more benefits. It is mandatory for you to qualify for the ownership of an esa to get an realesaletter from your therapist. Many people want to keep an emotional animal with them but they are unaware of the process. Don’t worry if you are unaware of the process, this article will cover each and every aspect on how to get an official emotional support animal letter
    Are ESA letters easy to get? 
    Many people get worried because the process of getting an esa certificate seems too difficult to them. Let me tell you, it is too easy to get an esa. First of all you need to understand why getting a letter is significant. Emotional support letter is a legal document that is mandatory for the esa owners to certify their mental health conditions. The document contains information regarding the mental health illness of the patient, the details regarding the emotional support animal assigned to them, information regarding their therapist and the official signatures by their therapist. An realesaletter.com can only be assigned by a licensed therapist or a mental health professional to you. There are many online sites that sell it at cheap rates, it is fake. You should stay vigilant of such scams. There is no way you can skip the official process of getting a emotional support document. However, the process is not difficult at all. 
    Another major concern of people is that, they get disqualified to have an esa. It is important for you to have a mental health issue to be able to keep an esa. Only professional therapist can recognize if you you have a mental health disorder or not through proper diagnosis techniques. 
    People often ask what mental conditions can qualify for esa. Almost every mental condition can qualify for emotional support animal. It highly depends on the severity and the intensity of the illness. Mostly, these are the mental health conditions that can qualify for having an esa with you. 

    1. Social Anxiety disorder 
    2. Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) 
    3. Depression 
    4. Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) 
    5. Bipolar disorder 
    6. Phobias 

    Process to get an esa 
    The process to get an esa is a piece of cake. Let me divide the process into steps that will be much easier for you to understand. The first step is to visit the clinic of your therapist. You should book an appointment from your professional therapist to conduct a diagnosis and start a treatment. If you don’t want to go to the clinic you can also book an appointment online through the most authentic websites available for the convenience of people. 
    The second step will require you to get yourself registered on their website by entering your symptoms and your personal details. They will match the best therapist according to your mental disease and symptoms. You will get an official email to let you know that you have matched with a therapist. 
    Then, your therapist will conduct a diagnosis and take a medical assessment to analyze your mental state. If you fulfill the criteria of owning an esa, your therapist will send an official email to you recommending you an esa. You will get official documents that will help you keep an esa with you all the time. Your therapist will issue you a ESA Letter that will allow you to keep an esa with you even if your landlord does not allow pets. Your rights are being protected under the Laws of Fair Housing Act. The federal law ensures that no one discriminates mentally ill people who have proper legal documentation with them. 
    Moreover, you can travel with your pet and take them wherever you go. I hope, you will find the process of getting an esa easy and make a request from your therapist for your esa. 
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