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    Write an effective and good response paper – 2022 Guide
    Humans are very good critics by nature as they have the habit of not only criticizing books, movies, or art pieces but they love to assess other people’s lives too.
    With this line, maybe you will be thinking about the criticism you hear or do.
    If you are thinking about it then, please stop here and focus because, in the response paper, you will not give a response to what the author does but what the text says and what he wrote. Yes, I am right, the text and sorry for the disappointment already. In the response paper, you give your personal reaction to the target text and tell what things the author includes and where they are lacking, but you can take help from the professionals just by saying ‘write essay for me‘.
    So, to write an effective response paper, you need to activate your critical eye and analyze the work that you are selecting for your response paper. As an essay writer, go beyond the lines of the text and search for the hidden meaning or intentions of the author. Here, you can give your personal opinion about the text but be sure, you are not biased.
    How to write an effective Response Paper?
    Writing an effective response paper demands time and skills and you should be capable of both. I know it sounds overwhelming because not everyone is good at everything. But to your wonder, you do hold the capacity to go beyond your efforts and write an excellent paper.
    You just need to keep a few things in mind and your plane will never get crashed in the middle of the flight. To enhance your writing and analysis skills, I am outlining a few points. You just need to jot down what feels comprehendible to you.
    Figure out what you need
    Have you done anything in your life without any purpose or figuring out why you need it? Of course Not. We do everything out of some purpose and the same goes for reading a text too as we are assessing a text for writing a response essay. So, for a response essay, you need to figure out what you need to extract from the target text. It is a cycle of what we need and what we give and it goes on.
    Here, you can ask yourself questions like

    • Why are you reading a text?
    • What point do you need?
    • Why do you need to add to the paper?
    • What should be left out?
    • Is your point of view more prevailing than that of the author?
    • Or do you need to seek the balance between different views?
    • Do you need text information or not?

    Read the text
    Once you have made a list of what you need, you can move towards reading the text. Dive into the sea of words printed on the pages and search for specific details.
     You can search for the weaknesses or the strengths of the argument or you can search for the stylistic features of the writing. You can even look for the logical fallacies to point out in a response paper. Or if you ask your teacher about ‘how to do my essay for me, she will tell you to search for the same things. So, do not take tension because if you will read the text carefully then, you can get all these points.
    Jotting down the main points
    Once you have read the text, now it is the point where you have to organize your thoughts and make a list of points that you want to include in your paper. These points may include

    • Book and author details
    • The main thesis of the book
    • What are the main arguments?
    • How can you do my essay?
    • Where do the arguments sound weak?
    • What makes the author’s claim strong?
    • Are the references enough to prove the main point?
    • What are your personal thoughts?

    Start with Text Details
    Just like you give your introduction at the start of the semester, you have to mention the book details too. What is the paper’s name; who is the author; what is his specialty; what is the main argument of the test; when and where it was published and the date too. Only then, you can move towards the thesis statement and the background of the book.
    Give your Opinion
    Remember, you are writing your response essay on some texts so, do not feel shy to give your opinion. Your opinion matters a lot in the essay because you have read the book or watched a movie and in a position paper, you can tell what you observe.
     However, keeping a balance between personal opinion and text discussion is your responsibility too.
    Use First Person Narration
    Many students are confused about whether they can use first-person narration in the essay or not. So, to your surprise, you can always use “I” in the response essay. Give multiple statements possible about your opinion like

    • I think
    • I see
    • I observe
    • In my opinion

    Or you can use the transition words too such as Moreover, However, for example, and finally, etc.
    Keep a balance between the arguments
    Have you thought about what happens if you focus on one side of the picture and ignore the other? Folks, you become biased and it’s so serious because it can make you earn fewer marks.
    So always keep a balance between your argument and the counterargument. If you ever feel stuck, hire some essay writer online online to do it for you and they can make you understand where you are lacking. They will provide you with enough points which can bring balance to your essay. So, you are never out of help here.
    These are some of the points which you need to memorize to write an effective response paper. I know while writing, you forget many things in a flow but these few important points can help you structure and build a good paper. So, do not feel helpless and always be ready to take the risk.


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