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     Learn various and new essay types to score good grades – 2022 Guide
    Have you seen anyone who does not want to get good grades?
    Yes, you heard it right, “Good Grades”. Everyone wants it and it is the common answer that we get from students.
    Students strive hard to get the highest grade to enter a good college, they also use the services of essay writer service
    . But not everyone gets good grades, and why? The answer is simple, it’s not about the hard work but the smart work. Smart work in writing academic essays. Have you ever thought the hard work you do is on your essays? But you know little about every essay type?
    Yes, it is true. We do not know about the essay types and we write them throughout our education period. It is like we are entering into the forest without a map or campus and we come out of the wrong side of the forest. This example fits perfectly into our academic life too because we think we are writing perfect essays for teachers but we are doing nothing but messing up different types of essays.
    Know the essay Types
    This situation is problematic for you folks but the solution is very simple. If you want to be an expert essay writer, then you have to know how one essay is different from the other and what makes them the same. The difference and the similarity index should be known to everyone.
    And I am going to make you understand every essay type by explaining them one by one. This journey can be overwhelming for you because it is maybe too much to handle for you. But I will explain it in simple terms so you do not lose your hope and stick to this journey of essay writing.
    Descriptive essay
    If you want to describe some topic like any character, friend, movie, event, feeling, or any other abstract idea then, you are gonna choose descriptive writing. This essay helps you to describe the event or character in detail and get into in-depth research to communicate more about your topic.
    Here, you can present a more descriptive and detailed analysis of the character and you can analyze the topic from all angles and multiple perspectives. So, this is what a descriptive essay is like.
    Descriptive essay topics are

    •         My friend
    •         My favorite movie
    •         First love
    •         First memory
    •         First day at school

    Argumentative Essay
    Have you ever gotten yourself into a debate and started the argument? If yes, then you can understand that in this essay time, you have to choose one side of a position and convince a reader why you think your stance is right. This essay is a detailed analysis and research of one topic and then, proving your side right.
    Now that you know you have to convince the readers about your stance, you have to note down a few points about this essay type.

    •         You can not use first-person narration in this essay type
    •         You have to take your position
    •         Make a clear thesis statement
    •         Three main claims to support your arguments
    •         Include primary secondary sources
    •         One counter-argument
    •         One rebuttal argument

    Narrative essay
    It is a personal piece of writing in which you explain the story that wants to tell your readers. It is written like a story and you can be creative and non-fiction too sometimes. Now, they are like storytelling but they have a simple essay structure like introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion.
    Now, you will definitely be wondering what makes a narrative essay different from a descriptive essay?
    So, the answer is very simple as the descriptions are written in formal writing and are informative. While in the narrative style, you write the essay in the form of a story and you can be more informal and can use embellishments in writing. If you still do not understand the difference, then you can get sample essays from an online essay writing service. They can provide you with well-written samples that will make you understand the difference in detail.
    Expository Essays
    In this essay type, you have to take one simple theme or main idea and then discuss it from different angles and perspectives in the body paragraphs. To talk about your theme in detail, you will take evidence from the texts, primary or secondary resources.  The structure of this essay type is similar to the other essays, for example, the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion.
    The topics examples for the expository essays are

    •         Why are young people vulnerable to depression?
    •         Why are women battling against patriarchy?
    •         Child labor is the product of capitalism
    •         How can humans measure happiness?
    •         What is the impact of music on the human mind?

    Analytical essays
    In this academic essay, the students have to analyze a piece of writing, movie, music, or ted talks and they analyze multiple elements of the text one by one. It is not about convincing the readers but making them understand the text.
    However, in this essay, your language needs to be critical and not very persuasive or descriptive. If you will ask me how I will write my essay, then I will bring it into the analysis in a more critical language. So, you do not need to be argumentative or persuasive but use your analytical skills.
    All the essay types are different as there can be a close resemblance in structure but they are written in a different language and argument styles. So, once you are done with knowing the essay type, you have more chances of getting good grades because, in the academic field, you get more essays than objective papers.


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