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    Add personal experience in a response paper – 2022 Guide
    Students in their high school and graduate years are very much familiar with the concepts of the personal experience and response paper. They are usually asked by their essay writer and professors to write personal experiences about any topic and also to create a response paper of any reading or piece of work they have encountered.
    Personal experience
    As the name indicates, personal experience is something that a person has faced and experienced in his life. It can be anything; a moment you lived in this world is an experience. It creates sensory awareness of external and internal events or an amalgam of experience that constitutes your life period. It can be good or bad, happy or sad, and positive or negative, but the most important things are that it affects your life.
    Response paper
    A response paper or a response essay is an evaluation of a text or any piece of work that you have read or encountered and shows your opinion about it. An essay writer is usually asked to write a response essay on different literary works and writing. A response paper shows the writer’s attitude, reaction, or evaluation that he/she has read. These papers are very common in the form of the assignments given to students during their school or college years.
    Response papers and personal experiences can be incorporated together to make an overwhelming piece of work. As response papers are the reactions of writers concerning any text they read or encountered. Personal experience to that response can be inculcated quite easily and effectively. There can be many reasons why a response paper has a certain reaction to a text and it can be explained in various ways.
    For example, you may consider a hypothetical text about the relationship between parents and children. As a student, you are asked to include your personal experience of your relation with your parents while writing the response. This is a very important thing here that every reaction of a student to a text would be different from their peers reaction.
    The reason for such a difference in response papers is due to the different experiences and relationships of children with their parents. Personal experiences are the reasons why the reaction to a certain is in that way. How can you avoid it affecting your relationship with your family? Why did you write a response on the relationship between parents and children? I remember once I was asked to write my paper of a response using personal experience of my life. It was a text about social inequality where I used my personal experience to agree or disagree with any point mentioned in the original text.
    While including personal experience in a response paper, you must know why and where to include your personal experience. There are some steps that you follow when you write a response paper. According to those steps, you have to incorporate some of your experience. The crucial factor here is to first know how to write a response paper before inculcating your experience in it.
    A response requires a thorough and meaningful reading of a text or any other material on which you have to create a response. After you read it meticulously, then you will be in a position to react to any of its parts. Make sure your reaction is unbiased in any case and when personal experience is to be used then you should be more careful in relating your personal experience with that of your reaction.
    There are some of the essential elements to be present in a response paper. In other words, you can say that a response paper must have these points to make it look like a response. You should choose a proper tone; neither too hard nor too soft but a formal one to write a response. Response paper must contain a clear thesis statement of the writer’s stance of in which direction the response essay will proceed.
    It should be composed of a coherent structure. The structure is very much focused and important in any kind of writing. And the response paper is no exception. It should follow the proper structure of a paragraph; must contain a topic sentence and evidence. When personal experiences are added in a response paper; in such cases, the evidence to the response is your personal experience but you can also use external sources.
    A response paper follows a conventional pattern of writing an essay. It has an introduction in which the author, work, and the areas you read, and what you are going to evaluate are states. This paper also has a proper ending which is the conclusion and it states the summary of what you have included in your whole paper. If you are unsure about the conventions of writing, a essay writing service can prove to be very helpful. In this way, you will be able to create an outstanding response to a text.
    The most important section is the body paragraph/s in which the essential issues are brought up and stated for examination. This is the place where the actual response is created by the writer. The response can be in either way; appraising the work or criticizing it. In these body paragraphs, you have to relate your reaction to your personal experience.
    Your personal experience in a response paper will make it more original in your thoughts and ideas. It shows that the reaction you produced in any work is highly original and real as it relates to life. If you incorporate these above-stated techniques then you can create an outstanding response paper using your personal experience.


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