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    Core Elements of Argumentative Essay – Students MUST All Know – 2022 Guide
    While pursuing your studies as an essay writer, you might have written many types of essays. Each essay demands a different skill set such as some essays require a writer’s strong analysis while others need persuasive skills. Some essays need you to be descriptive, while others demand an argumentative approach. This blog will help you to write an argumentative essay, which is the most commonly used type of essay in an academic setting. An argumentative essay is a formal writing composition that is used to defend a stance.
    An argumentative essay is a genre of formal writing that is based upon a position regarding an issue. The essay requires you to establish a stance and defend it throughout your essay. To attempt a good argumentative essay, the writer must focus on establishing a convincing viewpoint. Support your viewpoint with strong evidence to persuade the audience as to why they should agree or disagree with your stance. An argumentative essay also helps you to research deeply for relatable facts and evidence to voice your position. Thus, it helps you to hone your argumentative and analytical skills.
    The format for a good argumentative essay:
    The pattern of argumentative is more demanding than any other type of essay. Nevertheless, an Argumentative essay follows the standard format like other essays. Generally, in an argumentative essay assignment, either a topic will be assigned to you or chosen by you. You will have the freedom to either agree or disagree with the chosen topic. The standard format for the structure of an essay is; introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
    The first paragraph of the essay is an introduction to the topic. In this paragraph, you will need to briefly explain why the topic is important. You will have to describe the topic in a general context with some background information. This will indicate to your readers what you are going to state in the essay. End the introduction paragraph with a thesis statement or main claim. The thesis statement must indicate your stance on the topic.
    You must be careful while formulating your thesis statement since an argumentative essay revolves around your main claim. Your thesis statement must be unambiguous and arguable, therefore hire an essay writer, for better guidance and professional help for an argumentative essay.
    The main claim or the position you have chosen is the central theme of the body paragraphs. Usually, the recommended number of body paragraphs is five. However, these can be increased or decreased, depending upon the subject matter of your topic. In the body paragraph, each paragraph should discuss a single aspect of the main claim. Explain and support your claim with a valid reason as to why you have made such a claim. You will require strong evidence from other research studies to back up your claims.
    You will need to provide counter-claims or antithesis from the opposing point of view. In response to the counter-arguments, present some examples, research findings, relevant facts, and figures as to why you disagree with them. For creating coherence and unity in the essay, use transitional words and prepositional phrases. Since an argumentative essay must have a smooth flow of ideas, consulting with a ‘write my essay would help to write a perfect essay for you.
    A conclusion is the crux of all the arguments you have established in the essay. Do not add any new information or idea in this paragraph, which is not discussed earlier in the main body of the essay. The conclusion must be precise and logical while providing a summary of the whole discussion.
    Key elements of argumentative essay:
    To write an effective argumentative essay, consider the following essential elements upon which the entire structure of your essay is dependent.

    1. Thesis:

    The thesis statement is the backbone of your argumentative essay. Your thesis statement must indicate your agreement or disagreement with the topic. Thus before devising your thesis statement, carefully evaluate the topic and analyze all possible viewpoints regarding the chosen topic. After a thorough analysis of the topic, establish your main argument. While developing your claim, you should have sufficient knowledge and evidence in support of it. Your thesis statement must be drafted in such a way that it should leave no ambiguity regarding your position in the readers’ minds.

    1. Supporting Reason:

    Nothing without a valid reason is considered to be true and logical. Therefore, to validate your claim as being logically sound, you must support the thesis with logical premises, to convince the readers why your main argument is correct. You will have to conduct in-depth research to gather quality information on which you can build your premises. For instance, you are against a certain policy of the government. Thus, you will have extensive research for certain policies of the previous government, or any international examples, through which you can defend your stance.

    1. Evidence:

    With the help of supporting evidence, you can present your stance as being valid and firm. It is important because, without logical facts and statistics, your claim is just an assumption. The readers also are more interested in fact-based arguments rather than assumptions. Thus, an argumentative essay requires detailed, authentic, and updated information. While collecting evidence, you should read books, research studies, and peer-reviewed articles. You can also ask an essay writing service to write my essay if you are unable to extract relevant information in support of your stance.

    1. Antithesis:

    In an argumentative essay, you either support a stance regarding the topic or refute it. However, there must be an opposing party, who will disagree with your stance. The responses that opposed your claim are known as the antithesis. In this essay, along with stating your stance, you are required to present the opposing viewpoints. The inclusion of the antithesis is also one of the basic elements of this type of essay.

    1. Refute:

    Although, you will have to include the antithesis in your essay, however, you will also have to refute the opposing viewpoints with strong evidence and facts. The evidence must be presented in such a way that it helps to strengthen your stance. You will have to oppose an opponent’s viewpoint logically and for this purpose, you will have to conduct in-depth research to prove your point valid and logically sound. This essay writing service can help you to refute and conduct the research!
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