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    Creative ideas for argumentative essay hooks for Students – 2022 Guide
    The hook is generally the first part of your introduction that pulls the reader to your essay right from the beginning. Everyone wishes that their essays should be read by a large number of people. For that purpose, you should have an idea about the significance of the hook statement in your introduction.
    The secret to writing a great hook is that you should think about many ways through which you can begin your essay. If your start is slow and cliche, then the reader would lose interest in your essay. The reader would think that your essay is just like other ordinary essays. In this regard, you can also take help from a renowned essay writer. Many people are offering help regarding hook and essay writing in general.
    In this article, we would be discussing some creative ideas for writing a hook statement for argumentative essays. It is important to note that the hook statement always depends on the nature of the audience and the type of topic. However, I am going to present a comprehensive list of creative ideas for the hook statement.
    1) Fact/Statistic Hook
    This is the kind of hook that is commonly employed in argumentative essays. By presenting facts or statistics, the essay writer establishes the credibility of the stance. By reading it at first, the reader is convinced that it is a research-oriented and factual take on the topic. So, the reader is hooked from the start. Here are some creative ideas of fact/statistic hook.
    i) As per UNDP, 1 in 3 women is a victim of physical and sexual violence globally.
    ii) According to WHO, approximately 690 people are victims of hunger and starvation.
    iii) UNESCO has revealed that 260 million children are currently out of school worldwide.
    iv) The 1980s signified the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
    v) Coronavirus has disrupted the globalization project and presented new global challenges.
    vi) China and Russia are leading the goal of Eurasian integration.
    vii) The Covid cases globally have surged to 220 million.
    viii) WWII brought an end to the fascist ideology and a victory for democracy.
    2) Story Hook
    In this type of hook, you narrate a story that is directly related to the stance and theme of your argumentative essay. This story can be your personal one or someone else’s. However, you can always take the help of an essay writing service. It can help you in hooks as well as the whole essay. Here are some creative ideas for story hooks in argumentative essays. Please note that these are only ideas, not the whole story.
    i) Two years ago, a flawed healthcare system took the life of my wife.
    ii) A nomad visited the city for a permanent settlement. However, the people did not welcome him, considering him to be subhuman.
    iii) Once upon a time, there lived a poet in the city of London. He struggled to express himself in the urban hassle.
    iv) I still remember the time when the flood decimated our city. No government support came, leaving us on our own.
    v) One of my brothers is a war veteran. I intimately know what war has done to American soldiers.
    vi) As soon as I listened to the thunder, the commotion in the nearby house increased.
    vii) Once upon a time, three criminals terrorized the urban elite. The police seemed to be powerless in the face of increasing crime.
    3) Question Hook
    Sometimes students begin their argumentative essay by throwing an interesting question. The questions should be related to the theme. It should seek to answer the claim in your essay. The reader should be left with curiosity to go on. However, question hooks should be handled with care. Sometimes students pose irrelevant and insignificant questions that do not have any impact on the reader. Here are some interesting question hook ideas.
    i) Why do people prefer a free market economy over collective ownership?
    ii) Why do people fail to protect their fundamental rights?
    iii) What is the most significant impact of environmental degradation?
    iv) How does a person live with guilt and remorse all their life?
    v) Why did Thomas Jefferson not end slavery in his period?
    vi) Is there a reason why white supremacy is being overlooked by the media?
    vii) Do people know how many children die of hunger worldwide?
    viii) Who is the most influential figure in the contemporary scientific community?
    4) Quotation Hook
    The argumentative essay can also begin with a relevant yet thought-provoking quotation. The quotation should directly address the central idea of the essay. It should play a role in supporting your stance. Quoting irrelevant and trivial quotations would have a negative impression on the reader. Thus, you should use quotations carefully while constructing your hook. Sometimes, you can also quote a lesser-known person if the quote is meaningful. Here are some creative ideas in this regard. you can also take the help of professionals just by saying “write my essay for me“.
    i) Socrates once said, “the only thing I know is that I know nothing.”
    ii) Nelson Mandela said, “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”
    iii) Einstein said, “If you judge an elephant by climbing the tree, it would spend its whole life thinking it is stupid.”
    iv) My professor used to say, “Knowledge makes us humble.”
    The hooks are a highly important part of your argumentative essays. You need to visit various sources as well as practice extensively to learn the usage of hooks. When I write my essay, I always choose the most relevant and riveting hook. You should explore all the different types of hooks before you finalize one.
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