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    Why VPN is a better choice?
    Many of you might be right now standing before a choice. How to best secure your on-line identity, your data (both) stored on you computer and those transferred between you an the internet.

    If you got here than let us tell you few words why we think google free proxy is much better solution for “an average Joe” than TOR network. Although at first glance TOR might be very tempting, it is free. If you look deeper into subject you will realize that it is far from being perfect. Lets assume few thing first. You are like us, honest person, not a hacker, you do not wish to steal information, hack networks, brake into highly secure systems. You are not a terrorist and when you have checked yesterday you were not close to get to list of ”100 Most wanted people“. You want to surf the web as you did in the past but you want to be sure that you know exactly who can get to see your data (VPN is encrypted), you want to from time to time access VOD sites like Netflix or HULU (you can do that with our cheap US IP VPN) and you don’t want to spend ages on learning how it all works, if you did everything as you should and what is an “exit node”.

    If peace of mind and easy of use are important for you than our inexpensive (click to buy cheap VPN account) VPN service is the best thing you can get for you money. If you compare us to other services you will notice that our offer is simple and gives you exactly what you need (fast and cheap VPN solution to hide ip) for a very competitive price (you can simply ask our customers on our Facebook Wall what they think of us).

    Still, TOR comes free… perhaps it is not that bad? Well, if you want to spent a long time on configuring you software, than again ages on searching the internet for list of exit nodes that will give you correct IP – just to find out this whole network is way to slow to stream a film in HD from BBC iPlayer (unlike our UK VPN servers).

    Last reason why you should be extremely careful with TOR is, that if you will (by mistake) create an exit node out of your own machine, you will be RESPONSIBLE!!! for anything anyone else will download or upload through your computer. Completely without your knowledge or control!. What if someone will download a prohibited content…? Police will come and knock on your door.

    Because our service also uses TOR DNS our servers have been affected as well.

    We are truly sorry for that but as you can see it is completely out of our hands and not our fault. We will let you know as soon as we know that all services are back to normal. In the meantime, please be understanding if some websites or servers are not accessible in short periods of time.

    We can assure you that TOR staff is working hard on resolving this situation.

    Do you still think Free TOR is better than VPN?

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