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    How to Avoid Repetition in a Long Essay?
    Students face numerous challenges throughout their academic life whether it is about writing a research paper or preparing a speech. Both would be incomplete without the inclusion of unique and new information. It is nearly impossible to write something new which no one has written before every time to write a long essay. You should know that your essay should be unique even if you are writing for the tenth time on the same topic. It may sound silly – but it is true you have to be exceptional while writing a log essay.
    You may be thinking about why to make such a huge effort just to write an essay. Trust me writing an essay will reform your abilities and prepare for your future goals and help you to become professional. It means the significance of writing an essay cannot be ignored whether in high school or college. However, it becomes more complex at the university level where you need to prepare a dissertation instead of an essay. This is where most students get help from an academic essay writing service instead of writing an essay by themselves.
    In other words, it can be said that only a professional writer can write a flawless essay and it is only because he is an expert. For a student, it requires dedication and motivation to work on an assignment where they might have to spend hours to find relevant data. If they become successful in writing such an essay then they end up making many run-on sentences. Despite reading, most of the time I hired an essay writer to write my homework for me. It was easier to ask for help than doing something yourself.  
    For example, the American War of Independence happened only once in history and since then students and academics are writing about it. You may have noticed that each has covered its different aspects with new and unique words and sentences. Most of them do not repeat the same words or ideas but the main event or incident remains the same. This is where most students prefer to get help from an academic essay writer as in this way they can secure good grades.
    In simple words, you can say that paraphrasing is a restatement of ideas and text by preserving the basic information and idea of the original text. Apart from using different synonyms, you can do paraphrasing by using idiomatic expressions, by using negative expressions, by changing word order, from direct to indirect speech, by separating or combining sentences, by different sentences, and by using different grammatical structures. 
    If you are writing a long essay, you may have to follow all these techniques. Remember that you can always get help from the write my essay service if you want to enjoy your time for other creative activities. Below I am highlighting some important points or tips. By following these, you can write a long essay without repeating the same words. 
    How to avoid repetition in a long essay?
    Remember that a synonym is a phrase or word that has the same meaning as another word. For example, the words intelligent, clever, and smart are synonyms with the same meaning. Similarity words examination, test, and assessment have the same meaning. You can use one of these words while paraphrasing. Using this technique shows your knowledge and ability to grasp new knowledge in the form of vocabulary. If you choose an assignment writing service from a huge number of options, it is more likely they all will land you to the same essay writer online company.
    Paraphrasing is just related to using alternate words and it also shows your grammatical skills and how much you are capable of handling or completing your assignment. You just have to make one distinction that there is a difference between similar words and the same words. Same means having the exact(same) meaning while similar means close to. Only the same word would be a synonym while a similar world would not be a synonym. While using synonyms make sure to use the exact word with a hundred percent exact meanings.
    Examples of paraphrasing

    • Using word bags
    • The hotel’s porter will carry Clare’s bags.
    • A bell boy will carry Clare’s luggage.
    • A hotel employee will carry Clare’s suitcases.
    • John a hotel employee will Clare’s hand baggage.
    • Using word type
    • Cars can be divided into three different categories.
    • Cars can be divided into three diverse types.
    • Cars can be divided into three diverse kinds
      • Using words affects
    • The way a lady dresses affects and leaves an impression on other people.
    • The way a lady dresses influences and leaves an impression on other people.
    • Using word chance
    • There is little chance that the situation will improve.
    • There is a little possibility that the circumstances will get better. 
    • Using word travel
    • People travel because they are curious.
    • People are curious, and for that reason, they travel.
    • People are inquisitive and, for that reason, they take a trip.

    The above sentence shows that you can combine two techniques as it would give you a completely fresh sentence with the original meaning.

    • Using time
    • We need to wait for two hours for the test.
    • We need to wait for a couple of hours for the assessment.

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