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    Types of Run-on Sentences and How to Avoid Them
    There are a lot of rules, techniques, principles, and tips to follow and incorporate in an exceptional essay. Sometimes it can be a piece of cake while most of the time writing a perfect essay is a headache. If students do not learn all those techniques, then they might become a victim of depression and anxiety. It is the main reason that students lose a chunk of their grades due to poorly written essays. It is only because it requires years of experience in writing and knowledge of multiple subjects while eloquence and vividness are hard to achieve.
    You should know one thing: it is extremely difficult not to repeat the same words in a long essay, however it is not impossible. You can address this deficiency by applying the technique or method of paraphrasing in which you can write a sentence in ten different ways. You just have to make sure that you do not lose the true meaning of a given sentence. To do good paraphrasing, one option is to use synonyms among many.
    In other words, it can be said that you cannot complete your graduation without preparing multiple essay assignments. You should know that while writing an essay, you cannot add someone else’s work as it would fall under the category of plagiarism. It would jeopardize your academic and professional career. You need to discover something new about the given topic but remember one thing that you cannot change anything in history. Though no one likes to write an essay full of errors – it might be due to their busy schedule or very short deadline to write. You can also hire an essay writer that can easily write a professional essay for you for a minimal fee.
    Writing a good essay is becoming a problem with every passing day because of the complex education system. If you are also facing the same dilemma then you are not alone you can always get help from a write my essay service with your essay. You just need to mention your topic and deadline and I am sure you would get your essay within the stated deadline. You would be surprised to know that modern problems require a modern solution where you need to think out of the box. Yes, it is true in the modernized and digital world you can avail many options to write an exceptional essay.
    You just need to be certain about your decision so that you can perform well academically. This is why, the help from an academic essay writer comes in, as he is the one knowing all the rules and regulations later to be incorporated in your essay. Only a professional writer would know that assertiveness is very important at every academic level as without it a student would write an essay full of errors. I am writing down some important tips and types of run-on sentences. By following these you can write an essay free of errors thus securing good grades.
    How to fix run-on sentences?
    In simple terms, when two different sentences are not connected or squashed together without using any transition words is called a run-on sentence. Most of the time long sentences are poorly connected instead of shorter ones. If two independent clauses are improperly connected then it is also incorrect. If you want to learn then an essay writing service would be the most appropriate option for you and your peers as well.
    Types of run-on sentences and how to fix them
    Improper use of period
    It is the first type of run-on sentence and you should know that a run-on sentence consists of two or more independent clauses that are not joined together properly.
    For example:
    I love to do morning walks I would recommend every living soul to start the morning walk I know from the fact that the morning walk would help them to strengthen their immune system.
    In the above sentence, you can notice that each sentence has a subject, verb, and object while they are not connected well. The correct way to write it would be:
    Sentence 1: I love to do morning walks.
    Sentence 2: I would recommend every living soul to start a morning walk.
    Sentence 3: I know from the fact that the morning walk would help them to strengthen their immune system.
    You can observe the clear distinction and how a run-on sentence can jeopardize your grades.
    Improper use of a comma
    The other type of run-on sentence is a comma splice where a student uses a comma instead of a full stop. There are a lot of rules that you need to follow while writing an essay. If you are still confused then make sure to get help from any reputed essay writing service so that you know the correct structure of a sentence.
    For example:
    Students could not leave the center at any time, they needed to indicate different preferences.
    You can observe that a comma is used instead of a full stop which is incorrect. To write an essay error-free you need to be extra careful. Here is the correct method to write the above sentence.
    Sentence 1: Students could not leave the center at any time.
    Sentence 2: They needed to indicate different preferences.
    This example shows that sometimes enough is not enough rather you need to work and think smart so that you can write eloquently by saving yourself from run-on sentences.
    It is the third important type of run-on sentence and polysyndeton occurs when you infuse so many thoughts in a single sentence by using too many conjunctions. In such a case you end up writing one long sentence that does not deliver a clear message and is hard to follow.
    For example:
    Monica threw her friend a party and all her friends came and brought presents and ate dinner and played video games and made a mess in the house and in the end, no one helped Monica to clean.
    This sentence is the best example of the run-on sentence while the appropriate way to write it would be:
    Monica threw her friend a party. All her friends came and brought presents. Later, they ate dinner and played video games. They made a mess, and no one helped Monica to clean. 
    When I wasn’t good at essay writing, I always took help from someone to write my essay for me. Eventually, I learned how to write essays and my vocabulary also got enhanced. As long as you adhere to the above-mentioned techniques and tips you will get perfect descriptive essay in no time.
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