Riding for Dynamo Camp

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Riding for Dynamo Camp

Help us help Dynamo Camp!

Dynamo Camp is a charity which runs residential holidays and activities for children with serious health conditions, giving kids a taste of fun and freedom they might not otherwise experience. GSK has a long-standing relationship with Dynamo  Camp, and every year gives a fortunate few GSK employees the chance to go and volunteer at the Camp. This year we are running a sponsored 5-day, 500km bike ride across Italy – stopping at all the Italian GSK sites as well as Dynamo Camp itself – to raise funds for a new accommodation block at the Camp. What’s more, GSK will match any donation you make, so dig deep for Dynamo Camp!


  • 30,00€ Paul Walker
    Good luck!!
  • 30,00€ Suzanne Baker
    Good Luck Cathy!
  • Rebecca Tollervey
    Nearly there, Cathy!
  • 113,00€ Catherine Sampson
    Funds from Siena fundraising and bake sale
  • 120,00€ catherine sampson
    Donations from everyone in the office - thanks guys!!
  • 20,00€ Catherine Sampson
    Donation on behalf of Dan Hudson, with many thanks!
  • 20,00€ Christopher France
    Thank you for the lovely Funraiser dinner.
  • 90,00€ Catherine Sampson
    Donations from Tiziana Pungì, Sara Ravasio and Andy Sanderson for fundraising dinner - many thanks all!
  • 50,00€ Marta Palla
    Pedala più veloce del vento! Brava Cathy
  • 30,00€ Catherine Sampson
    Donation on behalf of Sara Ravasio. Many thanks Sara!!
  • 200,00€ Anonimo
  • 100,00€ Catherine Sampson
    Donations from Rachel Thornley and Michael Reed. Thanks to you both!!
  • 50,00€ Catherine Sampson
    Donation on behalf of Antoine Courgeon, with many thanks!
  • 20,00€ Joseph Schuller
    Forza, Cathy!
  • Kay Jenkinson
    Good luck Cathy - and I hope you enjoy it!
  • 30,00€ Catherine Sampson
    Donation from Paola Rinella - many thanks Paola!
  • 40,00€ Fiona Sampson
    Enjoy! Make sure Paul pedals on those hills!
  • 50,00€ Sampson Barbara
    Go for it Cathy! xx
  • Christian Matano
    Good luck!
  • Sabine Heider
    Good luck and have fun
  • 35,00€ Christopher France
    Ride like the wind Cathy!!
  • 50,00€ Sarah Klaczynska
    Good luck and have fun!
  • Tiziana Pungi
  • 40,00€ David Egurrola
    Good luck Cathy!
  • 60,00€ Johnston Sarah
    Good luck Cathy. Hope you enjoy it. xxx
  • 50,00€ Anonimo
    In bocca al lupo!


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  • Catherine Sampson


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